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UK-SEC-01 Extensions

Additional group activities for grief/loss, concerned persons, anger & divorce.

UK-SEC-02 Insight

For students harmfully involved with alcohol/drugs. Policy and self referral.

UK-SEC-15 Getting Real With Myself

Coping with stress, academic and personal pressures.

UK-SEC-17 Prisoners of the Heart

For students with loved ones in prison.

UK-SEC-18 Self Esteem

Helping students develop positive self-esteem.

UK-SEC-19 Motivation

Helping young people care about their lives & future.

UK-SEC-20 Self Care

An educational support group for young people who self-injure.

UK-SEC-21 Healthy Teen Relationships

Explore the key components-respect, support, love & nuturing.

UK-SS-03 Dealing with Death

A grief and loss group dealing specifically with death.

UK-SS-04 Grief and Loss

Helping adolescents heal from loss: Death, trauma, moving, & transition.

UK-SS-05 Special People

A support group for youth healing from physical and sexual abuse.

UK-SS-06 Concerned Persons

Helping children impacted by parental alcoholism and drug abuse.

UK-SS-07 Anger - the energy of transformation

Explore healthy ways to express & channel your anger for positive change.

UK-SS-08 New Student Group

Helping students make positive connections to school & friends.

UK-SS-09 Focus

Helping students impacted by attention deficit disorder.

UK-SS-10 Families in Transition

A group for students impacted by parental divorce.

UK-SS-11 Moving On

For year 11& 6 form students.

UK-SS-12 Feeding the Hunger Within

Self-image and building a healthy relationship with food.

UK-SS-13 Sobriety Support Group

For young people wanting to maintain a sober & drug free life.

UK-SS-14 Breaking The Cycle

Breaking the bully cycle.

UK-SS-16 Friendships

Making and keeping friends.


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